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Model Get Naked During Australian Football

Scottish model Heather McCartney is the new star of social networking since she danced naked in the championship final of Australian football at the Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium. The young 26-year-old woman, who had made a bet before the game between Hawthorn and Sydney,

Angry Woman Who Hates Skateboarders Get Owned

HILARIOUS video of a woman going crazy on some skateboarders and start to bust their balls. As usual, it doesn’t end up well for her. She thought it was a good idea to grab the kid’s skateboard. Then she started menacing them that she

Guy Has Seizure While Skydiving

An Australian man posting under the name Nomadic Adrenaline has uploaded this incredible video of the moment he suffered a seizure during a sky dive. Possibly the scariest moment of his life, he said. On the 14th of November 2014 while doing stage five

182 Slices of Bacon In Five Minutes

An American just beat a world record that Homer Simpson would have liked to detain. It happened at the Daytona 500 NASCAR race in Florida. Matt “Megatoad” Stonie has demonstrated its steel stomach by eating 182 slices of bacon in just five minutes. USA

Can’t Get Any Cuter Than This! :)

Opossums are not the cutest animals in the world. In fact they can be quite scary when they are hissing at you from a dark corner of a room or surprising you with their “playing dead” trick. But these opossums, which were rescued from

Toddler Pushed In Pool For Survival Training

We’ve seen all kinds of evil since the beginning of the Internet but this video is really standing out… This is nothing but pure evilish child abuse. The video shows a little kid being pushed in a pool by his dad apparently to train