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Naked 68 years old man trying to have intercourse with a pitbull



The perversion has no limits. A 68 years old man was filmed stark naked behind a residence in the process of having intercourse with a large pitbull dog. Reinaldo Lazaro Diaz was arrested by police Statesboro and sent directly to prison. Man of Georgia is not its first brush with the law, reports the statesboroherald.com.

Police received a call at night informing that the sexagenarian was busy practicing acts of bestiality.

The witness of the scene filmed everything with his cell phone and took pictures in order that the authorities have evidence of this repugnant act.

The officers called to the scene took Diaz on the fact . “He was always behind a residence, naked to attack a dog ,”said the policeman to Joey Sanders statesboroherald.com. The dog a big black and white male belongs to a relative of Reinaldo Diaz Lazaro . The off-axis was accused of gross indecency and bestiality .

Ripped nose

The old man is disfigured, his nose had been ripped off. Police however has no information about it.


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