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Man Caught on Video Drowning his Stepdaughter

abuse-1WARNING : This video can be shocking -

A man repeatedly throws his three year old stepdaughter in the hotel pool. The girl obviously does not swim very well and is slowly exhausted and drowning. But the man continued his little game until she’s dead.

The disgusting scene was captured by a hotel security camera in Morelia, capital of Michoacan State in Mexico, reports the Mirror.


The man was identified as Jose David N. who acted as the mother of the little sleeping in the hotel room.



We see him repeatedly throwing the girl who obviously can not swim. She’s seeking her air. The man looks without intervening.  The child will not survive. The murder occurred in August 2015. Translated to justice , Jose David N. was sentenced to 100 years in prison without possibility of parole . Also according to Mirror , the man would have expressed surprise that little has finally sink to the bottom of the pool and die.


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