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Man accused of killing his roommate asked Siri where he could hide a body!

Florida cops say Pedro Bravo asked his iPhone’s digital assistant (Siri), “I need to hide my roommate” on the day he went missing.

Pedro Bravo in court video.

Pedro Bravo is on trial for the kidnapping and murdering of his friend Christian Aguilar in 2012.

Aguilar vanished from Gainesville, Florida, in September 2012. Shortly after, police had charged Bravo with killing, kidnapping, poisoning and other charges, The Gainesville Sun reported. They were friend and both lived the Miami area and had gone to school together, but their friendship ended when Bravo’s ex-girlfriend started cheating with Aguilar. Police say Aguilar vanished after Bravo gave him a ride to Best Buy to buy a Kanye West CD.

Aguilar was nowhere to be found for weeks, but in October of 2012 hunters discovered his body in a rural part of Levy County, Florida. It was buried in a shallow grave.

Bravo on the right at his trial Tuesday.

During the trial Tuesday, a detective said Bravo asked his iPhone for help hiding the body.

At one point Bravo said to his iPhone, “I need to hide my roommate” the detective said. According to The Palm Beach Post, Siri replied with a follow-up question: “what kind of place are you looking for? Swamps. Reservoirs. Metal foundries. Dumps.” The exchange happened the same day Aguilar disappeared.


Police explained how they used Bravo’s iPhone data to backtrack his movements around the time of Aguilar’s disappearance.
The detective also said Bravo’s phone flashlight was on when he was allegedly hiding the body.

The phone was actually disconnected from the network during the time when police say Bravo was hiding Aguilar’s body, The Gainesville Sun reported. Nevertheless, investigators still managed to discover that his flashlight app was turned on for a total of 48 minutes that day.

Location data obtained from the iPhone also doesn’t match what Bravo told police about his whereabouts the day following Aguilar’s disappearance, Gainesville Police Department Detective Matt Goeckel said Tuesday.


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