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Life Hacks

How to Deactivate A Cat : Video!

Incredible! I did not know this trick! Did you know that you can put your cat to “pause” as long as you want? There is a very simple thing to do and it will be demonstrated in the following video, do not worry, this

How to Inflate An Air Bed Without A Pump!

It’s so frustrating when we forget our air bed pump when going for camping! In this situation, two really unpleasant solutions: to inflate the airbed with our mouth or just sleep on the floor! But the frustration is over with this simple trick! How

What this guy do with a watermelon is incredible!

Watermelon is one of Americans favorite summer treat. There’s nothing better than having a slice of cold delicious watermelon on a hot summer day. When we eat a watermelon we usually cut it into wedges right? Watch this video for a completely different way

7 Things guys do that girls love!

1. When they give us their jacket when we’re cold! It’s just the cutest thing ever. Because you know a guy jacket is big and cuddly, warm and it smell good. 2. When they come up from behind and hug us! Don’t let me

How to get rid of mosquitoes and other pests!

We’re in the middle of summer and the insects are becoming more harmful… What’s worse than mosquitoes that constantly turn around us? Well, here’s an easy way to get rid of them! It costs almost nothing, it doesn’t smell anything and it works! Simply