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20 Absolutely Beautiful Aquariums!

Forget the small glass jar on the edge of the table, these aquariums are much more original than that!

Obviously, some of these aquariums are worth a small fortune and are not within the reach of all.

However, one can admire without necessarily want one at home, right?

As you will see, they are awesome! My favorite is the bedroom one in the photo #4! WOW!

We’ve just got informed by a Facebook fan that the #4 is in fact not an aquarium, but the truth is even better… it’s an hotel under the sea! For more images go to their site www.poseidonresorts.com and click on “The Experience”

Les 20 aquariums les plus originaux du monde!

New discovery of a mermaid, do you think this is true?
Barbie with normal proportions, the difference is amazing!