Man Caught on Video Drowning his Stepdaughter

WARNING : This video can be shocking - A man repeatedly throws his three year old stepdaughter in the hotel pool. The girl obviously does not swim very well and is slowly exhausted and drowning. But the man continued his little game until she’s dead. The disgusting scene was captured by a hotel security

Model Get Naked During Australian Football

Scottish model Heather McCartney is the new star of social networking since she danced naked in the championship final of Australian football at the Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium. The young 26-year-old woman, who had made a bet before the game between Hawthorn and Sydney,

Top 10 Most Expensive Watches in the World

10) Cartier Secret Price: $2.75 million The Cartier Secret watch is made out of 18-carat white gold plated with rhodium. It also shows the 3.53 carat portrait cut diamond which makes it looks glamorous as well as trendy. To make it more luxurious it